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Antenna Masts and Mounts Links

Collection of links to Dealers and manufacturers of telescopic antenna masts, pole and antenna mounts. Masts, especially designed to support antenna for portable, emergency or field day use.

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Ebay a Seller’s Market

Over the past 36 years I’ve brought Amateur Radio gear over the counter, mail order, online, at rallies, junk sales, at auction, privately and eBay. I’ve also been lucky enough to have been given equipment by other other amateurs and been gifted equipment on Freecycle. I’ve also sold a bit of stuff too.

Now I wouldn’t say I’m a great hoarder of equipment I have what I need and want for little, that’s until something lets go. However I keep seeing shiny old and very old pieces of equipment on eBay and to be fair I do like to have a bid to see if I can get one of those bargains everyone talks about, and there starts the heartache.

The past month I’ve bid on no less than 10 items, some nearly as old as I’ve been in the hobby and not won one thing, yes there were quite a few the bidding went wild on but a couple of items I was just 20p off. Okay, the one and only  answer to not winning is the level of bidding, I’m obviously bidding too low. Too low, but I can only reflect on the prices of some gear that I have seen at a rally this year and the advanced years of some of the equipment,  at the end of the day most radio amateur are a tight fisted  lot who are always after a bargain, it’s human nature after all. So as eBay bid prices are a lot more than rally prices. Needless to say, it makes me wonder if it would be good business to buy everything you can at a rally and then sell at a profit on eBay.

A sellers market, yes here’s the proof, Yaesu FT-209R, I brought one secondhand at a rally in 2002 for £25 and it came with an extra battery, base charger and aerial full working and batteries were good. There’s one at eBay currently for £60 + £8 p&p, plug in charger, aerial and battery of ‘unknown capacity’, their words not mine.  This radio is potentially 33 years old, something that is not stated in ebay’s listing, they started producing the FT-209R in 1984vand finished making them in 1980’s.  Now would you buy a 33 year old radio with no CTCSS when you can buy on eBay a brand new Yaesu FT-65E dual band handheld for £89.95 + £8.99 with a warranty? Or for that matter a Chinese dual band hand held for £25 both have CTCSS and UHF too. The 209 will now doubt sell though.

Well off to bag another bargain, may the gods and ebay sellers be good to me!

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Events Calendar Issue Sorted.

Hi, we noticed a problem with our event calendar a few days back where it would not display a month at a time for anything after this month. The suppliers of the software involved have confirmed today that the issue has been sorted and the new software is now loaded.

Events Calendar

Internet Access to ARRL Headquarters to be Disrupted on August 22

Internet access to ARRL Headquarters in Newington, Connecticut, will be disrupted for up to 6 hours on Tuesday, August 22 (0400-1000 UTC). Affected systems include, but are not necessarily limited to e-mail, bulk mail, reflectors, Logbook of The World (LoTW), DXCC, National Parks on the Air (NPOTA), and the ARRL Development page.

The outage is necessary for AT&T maintenance, and ARRL has no cont…

For the full article, http://www.arrl.org/news/view/internet-access-to-arrl-headquarters-to-be-disrupted-on-august-22

Sales and Wants

Hi all,

We switched two forums on today for sales and and wants of amateur radio equipment. They are for private use only and please read the ‘Please Read‘ on the heads of the forums.

They are available to the public to read but require you to be a community member to post, to register, click here.

Have fun, there will be further forums switched on in this category over the next few days.

Finally, finally the new site is starting to look like the concept that was originally envisaged.

Have fun!

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