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2 Amateur Radio Morse code practice keys Android App

Iambic and Straight key amateur ham radio CW Morse code practice oscillators for Android.
This Android app gives you both straight and iambic CW Morse code practice key oscillators.
Each key translates Morse code into English and CW prosigns in real time as you practice.
Practice sending Morse code with a straight key oscillator.
Settings include WPM, show/hide Morse code/text, choose sidetone 400Hz-800Hz.
Adjust the WPM so that you can produce well formed DITs and DAHs at a comfortable speed.

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Great Club Log Hardware Shuffle Complete

Club Log author Michael Wells, G7VJR, announced on February 13 that he has completed the “Great Hardware Shuffle” for the online service. The free, web-based tool can produce DXCC league tables, expedition tools, log-search services, and most-wanted lists.

“In recent months, I have been working through a checklist to do a big, once-every-5-years kind of upgrade for Club Log’s hardware,” Wells sai…

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New NRC page on RSGB website

Have you seen the RSGB’s new page about the National Radio Centre at rsgb.org/nrc? It gives a brief overview of the NRC, introduces some of the great volunteers who help to explain amateur radio to visitors at the Bletchley Park site, and also links through to the NRC website. The centre needs more volunteers so take […] Full Original Article

Blue VNA Android App

Blue VNA Android only application to control Bluetooth enabled Antenna analyzers or VNAs (Vector Network Analyzers). Supported devices are the miniVNA, the miniVNA Pro Antenna Analyzers (with or without the matching Extender) and the new miniVNA Tiny

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