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NCIS Newington on HamRadioNow

Last episode we had a little fun with some clips from a recent episode of NCIS, a popular and long-running crime drama on CBS. The episode titled “Trapped” had a significant amount of amateur radio in the plot

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RSGB Strategy video update

The RSGB has released the first of its Strategy video updates. In this short video (which was filmed by the TX Factor at National Hamfest) the President, Chairman, General Manager and the Communications Manager talk about some of the ways the Society is engaging with radio amateurs, representing them nationally and internationally and also developing […] Original Article

New video Series – FLDIGI to the Yaesu FT-817

This is a series i’ve recently started to answer questions i’m often asked about both setting up the QRP stations for maximum performance (or minimum loss) as well as the configuration for FLDIGI. Its sort of an evolving thing right now, so Ill post as I have new material. Ill point out that I am ahead of this, already at setting antenna length for zero reactance, but its still in editing. Ill be posting here as content comes out

PART 1- The Cat Connection

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HamCollege 34

General Amateur Radio Exam part 5. Volunteer Examiners, good operator practices. Reactance demonstration
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