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OL120AB Czech Special Call

The Czech-Moravian Amateur Radio Transmitters association (OK5CAV) will be active as OL120AB from 20 January to 19 May to celebrate the 120th anniversary of the birth of Pravoslav Motycka (OK1AB). Generally considered the first radio amateur in Czechoslovakia, he was one of the first six legally licenced operators in 1930. See qrz.com for information about…

EI19RE Irish Special Call

Mark, EI3KD will be active as EI19RE throughout 2019. The special callsign is an amalgamation of the term Eire (Ireland) and 1919, and commemorates the centenary (21 January 1919) of the first Irish parliament. QSL via EI3KD.

GB5GW – UK Special Event Call

The Welland Valley Amateur Radio Society will host a series of special event stations in 2018 to mark the end of World War I, and in remembrance of the millions who were killed or wounded. A total of twelve special call signs have been applied for and will be put on air during the year:…