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Sakura Momoko JI2EIT Silent Key

Manga artist and radio amateur Ms. Sakura Momoko JI2EIT passed away August 15, 2018, aged 53. She became a radio amateur while at school and went on to create the long-running manga (comic) series Chibi Maruko-chan published in Ribon magazine

Brian M Johnson, G3LOX, 4th July 2018

Brian was born in 1925 in Liverpool. Just before the Second World War he began his career as an apprentice radio engineer; when it did begin he volunteered to become a member of the Home Guard. Soon after that he received his call up papers to do national service; he joined the army where postings […]

Curtis Keyer inventor goes SK

Many seasoned CW operators will remember fondly the Curtis Morse keyer chip. The ground-breaking device, which revolutionised electronic keyers, was developed in the late 1960s by John G. Curtis, K6KU, who was more often known as Jack. Sadly, Jack became a Silent Key on 4 June 2018. His legacy lives on in thousands of devices; […]

Curtis Keyer Chip Developer Jack Curtis, K6KU, SK

The developer of the groundbreaking Curtis Morse keyer chip, John G. “Jack” Curtis, K6KU (ex-W3NSJ), of Granite Bay, California, died on June 4 after a long illness. An ARRL member, he was 87.Growing up in Bradford, Pennsylvania, Curtis became fascinated with the “magic” of Amateur Radio as a youngster, and it…

Tony Lord, G8DQZ, SK

The national 5MHz team has received the terrible news that one of its most dedicated mainstays, Tony Lord, G8DQZ, passed away last week. He was a GB2RS Newsreader on 5MHz for many years and instrumental in the UK 5MHz Experiment, which led to the band being made available to UK and,…