RSGB Past President GI3KYP SK

RSGB Past President Alexander Davidson Patterson OBE, FIEE, GI3KYP, died on October 10, 2018, peacefully, at home, surrounded by his family. Better known as Barney, he was RSGB President in 1967. Barney travelled widely during his Presidency and, among many other achievements, oversaw the purchase of 28 Little Russel Street, London, as the then-new RSGB […] Read the Original Article http://rsgb.org/main/blog/news/gb2rs/headlines/2018/10/12/rsgb-past-president-gi3kyp-sk/

VHF Contest consultation open

The RSGB Contest Committee has opened the 2018 edition of the RSGB VHF Contesting Consultation for comments at surveymonkey.co.uk/r/VHFCC2018 to help set the rules for 2019. They are specifically looking for your views around the AFS contests, FM activity contests, possible new MGM contests, Christmas cumulatives, 432MHz low power, and the SHF UK activity contests, […] Read the Original Article http://rsgb.org/main/blog/news/gb2rs/headlines/2018/10/12/vhf-contest-consultation-open/