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IARU Administrative Council Considers New Radio Spectrum Pollution Threat

The Administrative Council (AC) of the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) believes high-power wireless power transfer (WPT) for electric vehicles has significant potential for interference with radio communication. That assessment came as the AC met on September 15 and 16 in Landshut, Germany, immediately prior to the IARU Region 1 Conference, to review its priorities and positions with r…

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Future of amateur radio video released

A video created by the RSGB was used by Don Beattie, President of IARU Region 1, at the IARU conference in Landshut to spark discussion about the future of amateur radio. Five young radio amateurs from different countries (filmed at YOTA 2017) explain what they think the future of amateur radio should look like. They […] Original Article

IARU Region 1 Conference opens

The 24th triennial Conference of IARU Region 1 opened Sunday 17th September 2017 in Landshut, Germany.

Speakers at the opening ceremony included Robert Mader, representing the city of Landshut, Tim Ellam, President of IARU, Thomas Weilacher, Chairman of CEPT WGFM and Mario Maniewicz, Deputy Director of the ITU Radicommunication Bureau. The opening ceremony was chaired by the President of IARU Region 1, Don Beattie, G3BJ.

The rest of the day was devoted to working groups concerned with a number of areas of amateur radio. The main work of the Conference starts Monday with the main committees meeting to consider the

143 papers that have been submitted to the Conference, mainly by Member Societies of IARU.

The Conference continues until Thursday evening, 21 September and a full report will be available shortly afterwards.

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The future of the Amateur Radio service

During the IARU Region 1 General Conference in Landshut Germany that started this morning, the future of Amateur Radio will be discussed. There are alarming signs that interest in Amateur Radio from the younger generation is dwindling and a decline in worldwide membership could threaten its existence in time

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IARU Region 1 Conference begins

Sunday, 17 September 2017 sees the start of the IARU Region 1 Conference. Delegates will consider around 140 papers covering many aspects of the future of amateur radio. Among the latest inputs are RSGB papers on noise floor measurements and YOTA 2017. Watch out for media updates during the week.

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Not All “Intruders” on Ham Bands are Illegal — But a Lot of Them Are

The monthly newsletter of the International Amateur Radio Union Region 1 Monitoring Service (IARUMS) typically makes for some interesting reading. While the reports that come from more than two dozen contributors in Europe and Africa can be a bit visually dense, the content conveys the impression that that there are myriad intruders on the Amateur Radio bands. However, not all of them are illeg…

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100kW IARU news bulletins

From 16 to 22 September 2017, the IARU Region 1 Conference will take place in Germany. 130 delegates from the 96 member societies will discuss issues related to the amateur radio service. RADIO DARC will report current news on the conference in six daily special short wave transmissions. These will be made in partnership with […] For the full article, http://rsgb.org/main/blog/news/gb2rs/headlines/2017/09/08/100kw-iaru-news-bulletins/

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24th IARU Region 1 General Conference

The 24th IARU Region 1 General Conference will take place from 16 to 22 September at the Sparkassen Akademie Bayern in Landshut, Germany. Landshut is about 70 kilometres east of Munich

For the full article, http://www.southgatearc.org/news/2017/august/24th-iaru-region-1-general-conference.htm

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