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Propagation News – 10 June 2018

Despite poor geomagnetic conditions, HF propagation for last weekend’s National Field Day was actually better than we forecast. Norfolk Amateur Radio Club even managed to contact New Zealand via the F layer on 40 metres. NFD was no doubt helped by sporadic E, which gave good propagation to Europe on most bands. Speaking of sporadic […]  Read the Original Article

Propagation News – 3 June 2018

A large coronal hole on the Sun didn’t affect the HF bands earlier in the last week as its associated high-speed solar wind stream hadn’t had time to reach Earth. However, this was probably the quiet before the geomagnetic storm as the solar material was predicted to reach us at around 450-500km per second sometime […]  Read the Original Article

Solar wind alert

NOAA forecasters estimate a 60% chance of minor G1-class geomagnetic storms on June 1st, increasing to 65% on June 2nd, when a stream of high-speed solar wind is expected to reach Earth
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Sunspots – Tuesday May 29th 2018

Solar flux is 77 and the sunspot number 20. A=4 and K=2.

In recent days the solar flux and sunspot number have been higher than expected.  We are on the slow descent to the next minimum and such “blips” are to be expected. We are likely to be “on the way down” until 2020 or later. For the full article

The decline of solar cycle #24

SUNSPOTS VANISHING FASTER THAN EXPECTED: So far in 2018, the sun has been blank more than half the time. Whole weeks have gone by without a single sunspot. Although forecasters have been expecting sunspots to disappear with the approach of Solar Minimum, it is happening faster than predicted. Visit today’s edition of Spaceweather.com to see the data and to find out what it means, down-to-Earth.

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More Frequent Spotless Days Now, Can Signal Solar Activity in the Future, Top Contester Says

The sunspot numbers have not been good, and it does not seem they’ll be getting much better anytime soon. According to the April 6 “K7RA Solar Update,” only 2 days of the March 29 – April 4 reporting week saw sunspots, and that was at the bare minimum. No sunspots showed at all for the previous reporting week. Solar flux has been sitting in the 60s lately and are forecast to remain at that level for the next 45 days. Better days lie ahead — eventually.

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Propagation News – 25 March 2018

Last week was once again dominated by unsettled geomagnetic conditions, which didn’t help HF propagation. The K-index rose to five on Monday, the 19th, after a solar wind stream from a coronal hole, flowing faster than 550 kilometres per second, triggered a moderate G2 geomagnetic storm at higher latitudes. This can occur due to process […]  Read the Original Article

A Solar Minimum sunspot

With Solar Minimum right around the corner, sunspot counts are at an almost 10-year low. So it came as a surprise yesterday when a relatively large sunspot emerged near the sun’s eastern limb

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