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Maritime Mobile Operation on LF May be a First for Amateur Radio

What began as a “let’s-see-if-we-can-do-this” effort resulted in successful Amateur Radio contacts on 475 kHz in early August by two Canadian operators aboard the sailing vessel Hakuna Matata off the coast of British Columbia. The accomplishment may be an Amateur Radio first. Mark Mattila, VA7MM, and Toby Haynes, VE7CNF, equipped Mattila’s 31-foot offshore-equipped Beneteau sloop with the gear …

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Longest voice contact via the Moon!

Noel Matthews G8GTZ and Matthew Cosby talk to broadcast journalist Kate Arkless Gray about making a world record for the longest distance voice contact with a 3.4 GHz amateur radio signal bounced off the Moon

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Lighthouse activation

On Friday, September 15 at 2000UTC the Maritime Lighthouse Amateur Radio Group (MLARG) will activate the Souris, Prince Edward Island lighthouse (CAN 464)


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6 meter 50mhz FT-8 HF Digital Mode

Title says HF, but I meant “DIGITAL MODE” which can be used on 6 meters as well as HF.
At the time of this video, the solar index chart on QRZ shows poor band conditions across the board, high noise level, but I have very strong signals rolling in on FT-8 at 9:23pm in Florida.

Has FT-8 taken over the 6 meter band? Check out this short video.

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FT-8 on LotW

Word has it that the new digimode FT-8 will be switched on for Logbook of the World log uploads sometime this week.

FT-8, The New HF/6m Digital Mode, Introduction For Beginners

A new mode I happened to learn about and practice. This is great for poor conditions, QRP or contests on digital. Not as sensitive as JT-65/9, but twice as fast. FT-8 can be done the same way you do PSK or RTTY or JT-65. A radio, an interface, and the software.

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