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6m Super DX?

ZL2IFB has again been spotted in North America and Europe on 6m FT8.  It remains to be seen if this is genuine. I have my doubts, but hope I am proved wrong. For the full article

6m FT8 RX

Since just before breakfast, I have been on 6m FT8 RX. Some people hate this mode and I can quite understand why.

It is not a mode for chatting (unlike SSB, FM and AM) with “quick fire” formulaic QSOs.  But it works with quite weak signals and in my condition it means I can monitor what I am spotting whilst doing other things.

On 2m FT8 I can spot DX every day which I just wouldn’t believe possible a few months ago. Who needs lifts? With FT8 I can spot DX anyway. Most times when I go on 2m FT8 TX with 2.5W and a big-wheel omni I get spotted over 300km.

So far today (it is now 0844z) just 5 Gs spotted and no sign here yet of 6m Es. For the full article

Can hear SSB on RTL-SDR but not on FT-450D

Now that I have a new antenna up, I have moved my Carolina Windom 40 over to my RTL-SDR dongle. I was listening to a strong signal calling CQ on 50.345MHz and decided to answer on my transceiver. I tuned my FT-450D to 50.345 and could not hear the station. I then moved the windom over to my radio and still could not hear the station – switching back to the dongle I could still hear him loud and clear.

Read the Original Article https://forums.qrz.com/index.php?threads/can-hear-ssb-on-rtl-sdr-but-not-on-ft-450d.614122/


As I have had an antenna free, I have been on 10m WSPR TX in the last few days with some success. Today is no exception. Yet again I am on 10m WSPR TX (500mW, 100%, randomised frequencies).

Most, if not all, spots seem to have been Es. Activity levels seem lower than previous years on WSPR. Perhaps more are using 10m FT8?

UPDATE 1030z: Just a single SWL spot from Italy earlier so far. For the full article

Lopsided signal reports

I am asking this here as I am not sure if the problem is equipment related or op related, and I am almost 100% cw these days when not operating from the field.

I’ve now had around 100 QSOs using cw, and I am noticing a pattern. To varying degrees, the other op gives me a signal report that is higher than the one I give him. This morning, for instance, someone gave me a 5nn and later in the SKCC sked page said I had a very strong signal. I, on the other hand, could barely hear him. His…

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GB3WM Birmingham’s ‘New’ 70cms Repeater

One of the reasons this website came about is that I want to know what’s going on in Amateur Radio and spend most of my spare time reading online articles and amateur related news on the web. It seemed a natural extension to save people’s time and collate the information into a one place to find where to get that day’s news. I’m active on all HF, VHF and UHF bands during the day too, I hope I have a reasonable grasp on what’s going on worldwide and local.

Last night I checked on my iPhone the local repeater statuses on Repeater Book. Noticing that GB3CB the Central Birmingham repeater is still listed, I went over to ukrepeater.net to check on it’s status, still off the air. Having seen no near ‘new’ 70cms repeaters on the iPhone App, I went down the list on ukrepeater.net. My eyes stopped on my locator square listed there on the page. What the?? It appears I have a 70cms repeater on my doorstep, GB3WM. Handheld whipped out, and there it was, amazing and I had missed it, especially as it’s been operational since 29 Oct 2017.

GB3WM, the Longbridge Repeater is on RB02, RX 433.050MHz, TX 434.650MHz, it’s a Fusion repeater and also has FM availability with a 67Hz CTCSS tone to access. Located in IO92AJ coverage is for South West Birmingham, great news for 70cms handie users, looks like the TYT or UV5R will be on the belt for sometime to come.  Coverage maps and further information can be found on ukrepeater.net, GB3WM’s website is gb3wm.wordpress.com.
So if you are in or around the South Birmingham area why not give out a call.


I’m Chris Moore G8YPE.

RSGBB Band Plan Changes from 1 Jan 2018

The RSGB has just announced an updating of the Band Plans from 1 Jan 2018. Tutors and students should note that the Band Plans used for examination purposes will NOT be changing. Examination questions will continue to be based on the band plans shown within the Exam Reference Data booklets EX 307, EX308 or EX […] Original Article

FT-8, what is a “good contact”

My general rule of thumb is a “good contact” in regards to non-contest contacts is one where we have exchanged at least some piece of information.

With FT-8 the full exchange is usually the grid square and a report followed by acknowledgement that the information was received and then a sign off with a “73”. I have had a few contacts where I do not get the “73” back from the other station after I get the acknowledgement that they got my report. For me I would consider these still good…

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