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Lopsided signal reports

I am asking this here as I am not sure if the problem is equipment related or op related, and I am almost 100% cw these days when not operating from the field.

I’ve now had around 100 QSOs using cw, and I am noticing a pattern. To varying degrees, the other op gives me a signal report that is higher than the one I give him. This morning, for instance, someone gave me a 5nn and later in the SKCC sked page said I had a very strong signal. I, on the other hand, could barely hear him. His…

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GB3WM Birmingham’s ‘New’ 70cms Repeater

One of the reasons this website came about is that I want to know what’s going on in Amateur Radio and spend most of my spare time reading online articles and amateur related news on the web. It seemed a natural extension to save people’s time and collate the information into a one place to find where to get that day’s news. I’m active on all HF, VHF and UHF bands during the day too, I hope I have a reasonable grasp on what’s going on worldwide and local.

Last night I checked on my iPhone the local repeater statuses on Repeater Book. Noticing that GB3CB the Central Birmingham repeater is still listed, I went over to ukrepeater.net to check on it’s status, still off the air. Having seen no near ‘new’ 70cms repeaters on the iPhone App, I went down the list on ukrepeater.net. My eyes stopped on my locator square listed there on the page. What the?? It appears I have a 70cms repeater on my doorstep, GB3WM. Handheld whipped out, and there it was, amazing and I had missed it, especially as it’s been operational since 29 Oct 2017.

GB3WM, the Longbridge Repeater is on RB02, RX 433.050MHz, TX 434.650MHz, it’s a Fusion repeater and also has FM availability with a 67Hz CTCSS tone to access. Located in IO92AJ coverage is for South West Birmingham, great news for 70cms handie users, looks like the TYT or UV5R will be on the belt for sometime to come.  Coverage maps and further information can be found on ukrepeater.net, GB3WM’s website is gb3wm.wordpress.com.
So if you are in or around the South Birmingham area why not give out a call.


I’m Chris Moore G8YPE.

RSGBB Band Plan Changes from 1 Jan 2018

The RSGB has just announced an updating of the Band Plans from 1 Jan 2018. Tutors and students should note that the Band Plans used for examination purposes will NOT be changing. Examination questions will continue to be based on the band plans shown within the Exam Reference Data booklets EX 307, EX308 or EX […] Original Article

FT-8, what is a “good contact”

My general rule of thumb is a “good contact” in regards to non-contest contacts is one where we have exchanged at least some piece of information.

With FT-8 the full exchange is usually the grid square and a report followed by acknowledgement that the information was received and then a sign off with a “73”. I have had a few contacts where I do not get the “73” back from the other station after I get the acknowledgement that they got my report. For me I would consider these still good…

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Radio Amateurs Continue to Plumb the Spectral Depths

David Bowman, G0MRF, reports that he and Dave Riley, AA1A, have completed what is believed to be the first transatlantic contact on 630 meters since the MF band was released to US radio amateurs this past fall. They used JT9 digital mode to complete the more than 5,160 kilometer (approximately 3,200 miles) contact during the early hours of December 23.

On the UK end, G0MRF was running a modifie…


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Why use LSB?

I have been licensed since 1991. I have always operated as the bands have been created by ARRL for each band. I have always operated with minimal power, only have 100 watts max anyway, not a big station in any way. I have been wondering for some time about why we in amateur radio operate in LSB in the lower bands. With very limited exception all other services utilize USB throughout all HF frequencies. So I have been wondering why we utilize LSB vs USB throughout all frequency ranges….

Why use LSB? For the full article, https://forums.qrz.com/index.php?threads/why-use-lsb.517130/

Communicate from St. Louis to Memphis?

I’m just getting back into ham radio, so I apologize if this is a stupid question. I live in St. Louis and my son is in college in Memphis (about 280 miles). I have an IC-7200 and a dual band FT-7900, with a G5RV and a J-Pole. I’m trying to figure out if there’s a setup he and I could use to fairly “reliably” communicate with each other. He lives in a dormitory, so his antenna options are going to be very limited. (He’s a licensed ham, but doesn’t even have a radio yet.) I don’t even know…


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FT8 Power, how much ????

How much power do you use on FT8? Are there unspoken rules in place I’m not aware of? Is FT8 a weak signal/low power mode? Who establishes these ethical mode rules? This past week I emailed a couple of acquaintances who I saw work a rare DXpedition and they said they were running 500w or more. Interesting, I have only been using 5 to 40 w on all my Q’s.

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All WX Solar Powered Field Station

Hello Operators.
In today’s video I’d like to discuss the concept of a solar-powered field station for amateur radio emergency communications. Those of you who follow the blog, probably already know about this project. For the rest of you, here is a video introduction of a concept I call the All WX Solar-Powered EMCOMM Field Station.

The concept for a rapidly deployable, man-portable field station, came to me after the grid down disaster caused by…

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Microwavers Report Successful US-Canada Contacts on 78 GHz

Microwave enthusiast Mike Seguin, N1JEZ, has reported several successful 78-GHz contacts between the US and Canada on November 9.

“We believe these contacts may be the first W/VE on 78 GHz,” Seguin said in a post to several VHF/UHF/microwave-oriented reflectors. “We hope to extend distances before winter sets in here in the Northeast and mountaintop access is limited.”

On the Canadian side were…

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Mother, Daughter Radio Amateurs Active from Nepal

Kalpana Kharel, 9N1MM, and her daughter Tejaswita (Teju), 9N1DX, are active radio amateurs from Nepal’s capital of Kathmandu. Husband and father Satish is 9N1AA, the first Nepali national to be licensed there. Satish Kharel and his daughter were active during the 2015 earthquake response in Nepal.

Kalpana Kharel is believed to be the first female Amateur Radio licensee from Nepal (an American, J…

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Announcing: The ARRL International Grid Chase!

A new and exciting operating event will kick off on January 1, 2018, at 0000 UTC (New Year’s Eve in US time zones), when the ARRL International Grid Chase gets under way. The year-long event hopes to build on the success of the highly successful 2016 National Parks on the Air (NPOTA). The objective is to work stations on any band (except 60 meters) in as many different Maidenhead grid squares a…


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