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Licence free use of 57-66 GHz

Ofcom say they are taking immediate steps to enable use of the 57-66 GHz band for a range of use cases without the need for a licence
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Ofcom equipment for auction

Ofcom is auctioning surplus equipment including vehicles, masts, test and radio communication equipment. The equipment is located at the Baldock Radio Monitoring Station and some of this may be of interest to amateur radio clubs, repeater groups or individual radio amateurs. It should be noted that bidding ends at noon on 27 June 2018 and […] [su_button url=”http://rsgb.org/main/blog/news/gb2rs/headlines/2018/06/22/ofcom-equipment-for-auction/”]Read the Original Article[/su_button]

Ofcom Consultation: World Radiocommunication Conference 2019

Ofcom has published a consultation on the UK’s preparations for the World Radiocommunication Conference 2019 (WRC-19) of the International Telecommunication
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Ofcom allow use of mobile phone repeaters

Ofcom has confirmed the making of regulations that will allow people to use certain types of ‘mobile phone repeaters’, without the need for a licence
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Ofcom publishes new guide to upcoming spectrum auction

Ofcom have just published a guide to how the upcoming spectrum auction will work
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Updated list of bidders for the upcoming UK spectrum auction

Ofcom has today published an updated list of bidders that will be taking part in the upcoming auction of spectrum in the 2.3 and 3.4 GHz band
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Auction of former Amateur Radio spectrum

Ofcom has announced that its auction of spectrum for mobile operators will begin on Tuesday, March 20
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Ofcom policy on SSES Callsigns

In a recent reply, Ofcom gave clarification on its policy for Special-Special Event Station (SSES) call signs

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New Ofcom rules to boost full-fibre broadband

Ofcom has today published a package of measures to further increase investment in ‘full-fibre’ broadband networks

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Absolute Radio seeks to reduce AM coverage

Ofcom has published a consultation on a proposed variation to Absolute Radio’s national analogue radio licence

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Ofcom’s proposed 2018/19 Annual Plan – reminder about public meetings

Ofcom is holding public meetings in Belfast, Cardiff, London and Edinburgh to gain feedback on its proposed Annual Plan, which outlines Ofcom’s planned areas of work for the next financial year

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Ofcom FoI on ham radio station inspections

A Freedom of Information request has revealed how few amateur radio station inspections Ofcom has carried out in recent years

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Commercial radio formats to be scrapped

Radio Today reports on UK Government plans to bring in new rules on commercial radio formats as soon as possible – meaning stations will be free to change their music format without Ofcom approval

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Ofcom publishes International Communications Market Report 2017

Ofcom has published its International Communications Market Report 2017, which examines the take-up, availability, price and use of communications services across 17 major countries, including the UK

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Technical analysis of coexistence of TV and 700 MHz band

Ofcom has published an update on a technical analysis of coexistence between future mobile services in the 700 MHz band, and digital terrestrial television (DTT) in the 470-694 MHz band

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