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Squarooka Antenna – squared bazooka for 2 meters band

Sort of similar to the one of the 6m omni. Instead of using twin-lead, this design makes use of a more or less regular double bazooka antenna (coaxial dipole). Your attention shall be drawn to the available standart literature, such as Rothammel.
In order to “compute” the dimension, Karl Rothammel mentioned that the total length of the dipole shall be 95% of the free-space wavelength. The short-circuit bridges (closing the folded dipole) are to be placed at a distance-fraction being equal to the velocity factor of the coax cable used, which will be 66% using RG-58 or RG174.Read the Original Article https://www.dxzone.com/dx33157/squarooka-antenna-squared-bazooka-for-2-meters-band.html