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Top Amateur Radio Websites – Issue 1814

80m Vertical Antenna with Folded CounterPoise, Hentenna, FC-80B Linear Amplifier – An AL-80B Copy, UK HAM – Ham Radio Website, How to setup Yaesu FT-847 Doppler Control with PstRotator, End-Fed HalfWave Matching Unit for SOTA operations, DIY LiFePO4 Battery power for Amateur Radio portable operations, Jabra 9450 / 9460 PRO Wireless Headset for Ham Radio, Icom HM-36 Mod for ICOM IC-7200 and IC-7600, Ameritron AL-80B Amplifier Pics, The Near Vertical Incident Skywave (NVIS) antenna, Calculate Antenna Lenght in feet, inches and meters, Batteries for portable use, Repeater Temperature Monitor with Raspberry Pi Read the Original Article https://www.dxzone.com/top-amateur-radio-websites-issue-1814

Top Amateur Radio Websites – Issue 1813

Camping with Ham Radio, A Progressive Communications Receiver, EF7018 – UHF 18 Elements Yagi Antenna Plan, TL-922 Modifications – Kenwood Amplifier Mods, DM7DS Amateurfunk & Hytera DMR Blog – VFO Codeplug for Hytera radios, Metamorserino Morse Code Keyer, HA8DU Antenna Tuners, The Morse Sagas by M0AUW, Transverter for the 4m-Band – XV4-10, Decatur County Amateur Radio Club, Read the Original Article https://www.dxzone.com/top-amateur-radio-websites-issue-1813