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Iranian Radars Showing Up on 10 Meters

While 10 meters has not been the hottest band in the Amateur Radio toolkit of late, Iran apparently has found it an ideal spot to operate various radars. The interference was audible in International Amateur Radio Union Region 1 (IARU R1) and perhaps elsewhere in the world.

“Iranian radars were very active on our 10-meter band every day [in May],” reported IARU Monitoring System (IARUMS) Coordin…

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Canadian Radio Amateurs Petition Parliament to End Deliberate Interference

Radio Amateurs in Canada — primarily in the Province of Quebec — have mounted a petition drive demanding that members of the House of Commons prompt decisive regulatory action against a Quebec resident who has been causing deliberate interference. The petition does not spell out the particulars of the allegations but says the alleged offender — apparently unlicensed — is already known to authorities.

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IARUMS Region 1 Newsletter March 2018 available!

The IARUMS Region 1 Newsletter March 2018 is now available.  Click here!

HAMRADIO 2018 – DARC and IARUMS Region 1 Monitoring Meeting
Invitation to all national coordinators and friends of our Monitoring System Region 1 and the
DARC Monitoring System: (German version: http://www.iarums-r1.org/bandwacht/bw-2018.pdf )
Saturday, June 2nd 2018 – Time: 10.00 – 11.30 CEST – Room Swiss (180) – Hall A2
1. Opening by DK2OM
2. Introduction of the DARC HF-Department by DF5JL
3. Main lecture “The IARU Region 1 Monitoring System” Presentation by HB9CET
4. Region 1 IARUMS Coordinator Meeting at the stand of the HF-Department

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Powerline Noise Video

Here is a quick video I made this morning of the powerline noise at my house. I have been working with the local power company, NV Energy, for over a year with absolutely no results – problem is getting worse and worse.

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RF From Washer and Dryer?

I just hung an HF antenna today so I’m finally able to listen there and have been doing so this morning on 20 meters. The normal noise level seems to be around S2 for me here, but holy smokes when my dear wife fired up the washing machine it jumped to S7 or even S8 – I can hear it pulse with the washer motor.


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