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New antenna analyzer available from DG5MK

If you thought about buying an FA-VA4 but were put off by its upper frequency limit of 100 MHz, you’ll be pleased to know that an FA-VA5 is now available for about $200. Michael Knitter’s (DG5MK) latest antenna analyzer kit has an upper limit of 600 MHz (the lower limit is still 630/220m-friendly at 10 kHz). Changes/enhancements from the FA-VA4: A digital/analog clock function
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OV140 German SDR project

This started from the mcHF project and is an open source software and hardware project from Germany. When it is ready, it should be a very interesting SDR transceiver covering up to 2m with 75W. It is expected to be low cost. For the full article

INRAD Microphones

INRAD Desk Microphone System is an exciting line of great sounding microphone models. Each INRAD microphone has an attractive stage-style body and a unidirectional cardioid element with unique audio characteristics to accommodate every operator’s voice, radio and preferences. INRAD micrpohones can be connected to most popular amateur radio transceivers, including ICOM, Yaesu, Kenwood, FlexRadio, Elecraft, Ten-Tec products. Read the Original Article

Comparing SDRPlay’s spectrum analyzer function with calibrated HP8563A

A few days ago I downloaded a new program from SDRPlay’s website that allows their inexpensive receivers to act as spectrum analyzers. The program was written by Steve Andrew and is available for download here. Soon after it was made available, I downloaded it and, along with my RSPDuo, used it to look at the fundamental and 2nd harmonic of my Elecraft KX2 on 80 meters. The resulting  For the full article

“Buried” Coax

I’ll be installing a Hygain AV-640 in the next 2 days and it will be in the backyard about 50 ft behind the
house. I was just going to dig a shallow trench and put it in there. However, I was wondering if it is OK to bury coax underground

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A 1-rig solution

400 watts at home; 20 watts portable I received my new transceiver in the mail today, only two days after ordering it. My hopes are that it will be a one-box replacement for the FT-891, KX2 and maybe even my Flex 6300. The radio is a SunSDR2Pro from Russia (via Seattle for US buyers) and, with various discounts, it was significantly less than the listed price. What few reviews there are  For the full article

Video: Flex 6300 vs. RSPduo

In this corner…weighing in at $265 – the (insert dramatic reverb) RSPduo from SDR Play (end reverb!). With all the ingredients on hand I couldn’t resist pitting David against Goliath. For the few weeks I’ve had the RSPduo, I’ve used it mostly to copy FT8 on various HF bands and 6 meters. I had more in mind for it when I bought it but its performance is such that it’s just too cool to let it For the full article

74HCT240 transmitter

I’m working on a new QRP transmitter based on the 74HCT240 octal buffer, the circuit has been described on many places, even in ARRLs books.

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Recondition the appearance of a radio?

My trusty FT857 has spent the past 9 years in my truck. After scraping off some Junior Mints, petrified boogers and cigar ashes, I can see that it might look pretty good again after some clean-up. (No big scratches or dings.) Does anyone know what is used by the folks that sell “refurbished” electronic devices to get them looking so good?

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