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“Faces of the Florizel” Special Event will Commemorate Marine Tragedy

The Society of Newfoundland Radio Amateurs (SONRA) mark the 100th anniversary of the SS Florizel tragedy with a special event on February 23-24.

On February 23, 1918, the Florizel left St. John’s, Newfoundland on what was supposed to be a routine trip to Halifax, Nova Scotia, and then to New York City. Blizzard conditions and miscommunication between the bridge and the engine room caused the ves…

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MFJ-1708SDR review – Share your antenna between your transceiver and an SDR

With all the low-cost performance SDR available these days, we can have a lot of fun experimenting with it. But we need antenna, with the MFJ-1708SDR you can share your favorite HF/VHF/UHF antenna with an SDR.

This arrangement allows you to simultaneously watch and listen. Then, when you are key up to transmit, the MFJ-1708SDR cuts off and grounds the SDR antenna line, providing your SDR with bullet-proof protection from damaging RF. It`s the perfect plug-and-play solution for upgrading…

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RAC announces new partnership with RAQI

In October 2017, Marcel Mongeon, VA3DDD, our Honorary Legal Counsel, and I met with the President and Director General of Radioamateur du Québec (RAQI) to consider how our two organizations could work together for mutual advantage. We agreed on a program of closer cooperation and are beginning several initiatives early in 2018

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756PRO3 Screen Distortion Issues

Noticed lately while the radio is on the display will distort. A light tap on the top cover restores it which lead me to think maybe the ribbon cable to the display is loose. I reseated them and problem is still there. I even tried a couple new cables. Same deal.

I’ve noticed I can replicate the issue if I press on the NR button. So obviously there is a board issue. Will pull the covers to take a look. I know the NR circuit has nothing to do with the display and is probably just a pressure…

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RAC Canada 150 Award

The RAC Canada 150 Award is a celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday since Confederation in 1867. The Award is issued for contacting the RAC stations between July 1, 2017 and December 31, 2017. We are now in the final few weeks of the Canada 150 Award
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6 Meter/50mhz Magnetic Loop For FT-8 And More

Here is a 6 meter magnetic loop that I purchased from Bob, VE3UK. It is precision CNC made and developed by Bob himself. All aluminum, at 18 inches and 1.5 pounds, anyone can store this, use this and move this with no problem. I can’t wait until 6 meters opens back up again. Super easy to tune, operates 50-54mhz at 100+ watts and can be assembled with a screwdriver and 5 minutes of your time. Check out the video for more details.

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