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‘SELECTIVE FADING’; I am told is essentially, “A Radio propagation anomally caused by partial cancellation of a Radio signal by itself. – the signal arriving at the receiver by two different paths and at least one of the paths is changing(lengthening or shortening)”.
A few decades ago, 1960 era, as a child, I remember the repeaters here in VK land on 144 and 53 mHz were using AM{amplitude operation}, almost overnight, it became technically Fashionable to change all systems…

SELECTIVE FADING, AM, FM and ssb. For the full article, https://forums.qrz.com/index.php?threads/selective-fading-am-fm-and-ssb.591315/

Radio Caroline AM service to open

Weather and technology permitting, our programmes on 648Khz will commence originating from the Ross Revenge at 7.00am on Friday 22nd December
For the full article, http://www.southgatearc.org/news/2017/december/radio-caroline-am-service-to-open.htm

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One of Oldest US Radio Stations to Go Dark

One of the few US broadcast stations east of the Mississippi that sport K-prefix call letters — KQV in Pittsburgh — will go silent as the new year arrives on January 1 after nearly 1 century on the air.

“It’s a sad day for broadcasting and for the news business,” KQV Station Manager Bob Dickey Jr, told the Pittsburgh Tribune Review. The family-owned news-talk station operates on 1410 kHz with 5,000 W into a five-tower array that provides separate day and night patterns.

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