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WIA Finances

WIA News reports the Wireless Institute of Australia has been running at an annual loss of about A$50,000 for several years

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NewsWest – Sunday, 17th September

In the news this week we take a close look at contesting with updates from the Ociania DX Contest, The CQ World Wide, Ross Hull Memorial Contest as well as a look at Jamboree On The Air, an introduction to the VK Contest club, the upcoming Hamfest weekend, Roy’s Helpline, Foundations of Amateur Radio and more

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Amateur Radio Regulation and Enforcement in Australia is Broken

Foundations of Amateur Radio – Episode 118
Amateur Radio Regulation and Enforcement in Australia is Broken
It seems that depending on who you are there are different rules for how complaints are handled. It shouldn’t be that way, but it is. This week I look at different examples of complaint handling by the ACMA and the WIA.
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How the IARU is funded

The WIA report that funding of the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) is from more than 160 national radio societies, through a levy taken from the membership subscriptions of their transmitting members

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