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VK6WIA NewsWest for Sunday, 10 June 2018 – History of AR Edition

A sky full of satellites, musings on the lot of the YL and the ACMA engaging us in a consultation. Not a bad mix. Welcome to NewsWest, the Amateur Radio news programme for the VK6 call area and beyond. I’m Bob, VK6POP, the NewsWest producer this week, and the team is Andrew, Onno and Glynn

In this History of Amateur Radio edition of Newswest, we take a look at this time of the year in 1958, as revealed in the Amateur Radio magazine and newspapers of the day.

Lots of things happened in 1958. NASA was formed, the world was putting satellites into orbit. Sputnik, Explorer. Vanguard. Amateurs were hearing the satellites. The microchip was invented. Elvis is drafted. Kruschev becomes the premier of the USSR, and Charles de Gaulle becomes the Prime Minister of France.

Roy’s still absent, hopefully he’s recuperating, so we don’t have Helpline. Onno presents his weekly offering of Foundations of Amateur Radio. (more…)

Foundations of Amateur Radio – Episode 157 Logging of a Different Kind

We as radio amateurs log things. We log our contacts, we log our progress towards an award, we log how many different countries we’ve contacted, which stations we heard with WSPR, how many kilometres we managed per watt, which stations were in a net, what callsigns received a QSL card, what location we’re in when we made a contact. You get the point, we log things, many things and for many different reasons.

Here’s a log that I started last week.

An asset log.

You heard me, an asset log, a thing that logs what amateur radio stuff I have, when it came into my life, where it came from, what brand it is, what model, what the serial number is and if I spent money on it, how much money I spent. It shows things that I’ve loaned to other amateurs and it shows things that are on loan to me.

It started with a conversation about a silent key. That’s what we call radio amateurs who have died. The idea of a silent key is one that reminds us that everyone is unique, that every manual Morse code transmission has a (more…)

VK6WIA NewsWest for Sunday, 3 June 2018 – Club Focus Edition

Welcome to today’s NewsWest broadcast. It’s a pretty jam-packed 30 minutes.

Once again, I’m Glynn, VK6PAW, your lucky producer this week.

In this broadcast:

It’s our CLUB FOCUS week, and we’ll hear from clubs around VK6 including Ham College and the NCRG, and of course – what’s been going on at WA Amateur Radio news.

Onno talks about have the internet has revolutionised amateur radio over the past 20 years… and how analogue and digital can co-exist on repeaters.

We’ll point you to a great publication from Surrey, a little beyond the VK6 borders.

There’s a number of important AR notices and reminders, and we’ll put a call out to Roy’s helpline.

If you have questions or comments, feedback, good or bad, the address is newswest@vk6.net.

You’ll find links to resources on the vk6.net website where you’ll also find information on where to hear the news, where to download it, how to rebroadcast this news and how to register your callbacks. (more…)

Foundations of Amateur Radio – Episode 156 – The Internet of Digital Radio

The topic of how radio evolves and embraces available technology is one that describes the hobby itself. From spark-gap through AM, SSB and FM our community picked up or invented solutions to make communication possible. When the internet came along it too became a tool ripe for picking and in 1997 a connection between a radio and the internet was made with the Internet Radio Linking Project or IRLP when Dave VE7LTD, a student at the University of British Columbia, joined the UBC Amateur Radio Society. Using a radio, some hardware and a computer, you could send audio between radios across the internet.

Since then this field has exploded with D-STAR, Echolink, DMR, AllStar, Wires, CODEC2, System Fusion and Brandmeister.

At a glance they’re all the same thing, radio + internet = joy.

Looking closer there are two distinct kinds of internet radio contraptions, those where the radio is digital and those where it’s not. (more…)

VK4DX/P Russell Island

Mike (VK4DX) is active as VK4DX/P from Russell Island, Southern Moreton Bay Islands OC-137, 1 to 3 Jun 2018.