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E6ET Niue

Alex (5B4ALX) is active as E6ET from Niue, OC-040, 19 Mar – 2 Apr 2019.

YJ0AFU Vanuatu

Daniel (VK4AFU) is active as YJ0AFU from Vanuatu, 25 Dec 2018 to 1 Jan 2019.

XV2D Vietnam

Mats (SM6LRR/RM2D) is active from Vietnam as XV2D, 19 Nov to 1 Dec 2018.

VP2EAB VP2EGW Anguilla

WA7NB and K2UU are active as VP2EAB and VP2EGW from Anguilla NA-022, 18 to 26 Nov 2018.

PJ7AA Sint Maarten

Tom (AA9A) is active again from Sint Maarten, NA-105, 17 Nov to 1 Dec 2018, as PJ7AA.

GB0AD – UK Special Event Call

The Welland Valley Amateur Radio Society will host a series of special event stations in 2018 to mark the end of World War I, and in remembrance of the millions who were killed or wounded. A total of twelve special call signs have been applied for and will be put on air during the year: GB1GW (January), GB1FWW (February), GB2GW
(March), GB2FWW (April), GB4GW (May), GB4FWW (June), GB5GW (July), GB5FWW (August), GB6GW (September), GB6FWW (October) and GB8GW (November), plus GB0AD on 10-11 November to mark Armistice Day.

See http://www.qrz.com/db/GB1GW for QSLling options and details about the certificates available for contacting the special callsigns. (Source: 425 DX News)