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Wire Antenna Calculator

Antennas/Antenna Calculators
A javascript online calculator for popular wire antennas, from the standard easy to build flat-top dipole, to the inverted V dipole, but also the Quad Loop, and the equilateral delta loop antenna For the full article, https://www.dxzone.com/dx32903/wire-antenna-calculator.html

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Looking for Antenna Installer in NYC

I’m a newly licensed ham in NYC. I’m presently running a (mostly ineffective) 40m ghetto dipole until I can get an antenna up on the roof. Unfortunately, working on the roof is a problem for me as I have balance issues that make that an unsafe proposition. I’d like to find someone I can pay to install an OCF dipole for me. I’d rather that person be a ham or someone experienced with ham installations.

Can someone recommend an installer in the NYC area?

Thanks much.

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Horizontal Loop Antenna Experiments

The HF horizontal loop has been around for many years now. This article includes a YouTube video and discusses the reasons for looking at this antenna, its design, and its installation. There are some on-air comparisons against three regular double bazooka (coax) dipoles and the Par SWL End-Fed antenna.

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QST Announces 2017 Antenna Design Competition Winners

QST has announced the winners of its 2017 Antenna Design Competition. Following a solicitation for entries earlier this year. members submitted nearly 100 antenna designs in three categories: 160 Meters and Lower Frequencies, 80 Through 10 Meters, and 6 Meters and Higher Frequencies.

Winners will receive certificates and cash prizes. The winning designs are also eligible for publication in QST a…

For the full article, http://www.arrl.org/news/view/qst-announces-2017-antenna-design-competition-winners

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Open Wire Line

I have been using balanced line for years to feed various antenna configurations here at the station. Originally, with lighter power handling requirements, I used the 450 Ohm #14 “window line” which sort of works but at a tremendous cost due to the marginal dielectric and its cross section to conductor ratio. That resulted in tremendous swings in matching because of rain, whipping around in the wind, and even heating in the sun.

I started to construct and experiment with the…

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The Bouvet Island 160m Vertical

Tim Duffy, K3LR, reports: The DX Engineering and Bouvet Island teams have worked together to design an efficient 90 foot top loaded 160 meter vertical antenna that can be installed quickly and safely on Bouvet Island by the 3Y0Z team this January

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MFJ-1982 and counterpoise or ground

I searched, but could not find anything on this, and the MFJ manual on this is sketchy. I was planning to get an MFJ 1982 which is an end fed half wave antenna at 80 meters, and functions as multiple half waves and shorter wavelengths. It claims to cover 40, 20 and 10 meters within 3:1 SWR, so should make the transmitter happy:)

Question, how long a counter poise should I have to prevent common mode currents on the coax? I have read several things, all sounding very wise and…

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