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The Phoenix 4m Dipole

This 4m dipole was designed as a club project for the Phoenix Radio Club to use with a bulk purchase of 4m converted “PMR” radios. No claim is made as to the originality of the basic design- a dipole is a dipole- although the design has been engineered for easy assembly and to give repeatable results. Read the Original Article

What Wire For Antenna Building?

I currently have a vertical antenna mounted on the ground. To take it’s place, I am building an OCF using a Buxcomm 4:1 balun which handles 2KW between 1.5 – 55. It will cover 160M – 6M and be used below 1500 watts… more like 800W max (at least for now) fed by RG213. I will put it between 35 and 65 feet up in an old tall oak tree in an inverted V. The calculations show the need for one side to be 85.8 ft and the other to be 174.2 ft.

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Spiderbeam Fiberglass pole vs Sotabeams pole?

I have this pole:


I find it a bit more limber than I would like. It works and I used it last summer for the local Jota event. I am looking for something a bit stiffer, possibly a little longer but that’s not a big deal. Would this one be stiffer??

http://www.spiderbeam.us/product_info.php?info=p3_Spiderbeam HD 12m fiberglass pole.html

It looks like the end of the Spiderbeam pole has a larger diameter at the tip which would in my mind make it stiffer. Just thought I would ask here before ordering one. I have a couple Sotabeams linked dipoles and love them. I would also use it for holding up and end fed in addition to the sotabeams dipoles.

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