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4:1 Balun

VHF & UHF Antennae From M0CVO Antennas

To compliment their range of excellent HF aerials, (I use one, the’re good, they work – G8YPE), M0CVO offers a selection of VHF and UHF antenna. More information on their website [su_button url=”http://www.m0cvoantennas.com/apps/webstore/products/category/1494822?page=1″]M0CVO Webshop[/su_button]

The Phoenix 4m Dipole

This 4m dipole was designed as a club project for the Phoenix Radio Club to use with a bulk purchase of 4m converted “PMR” radios. No claim is made as to the originality of the basic design- a dipole is a dipole- although the design has been engineered for easy assembly and to give repeatable results.

Portable HF Antenna for the field day

Antennas/PortableThis article describes a project of asymmetrical hatted vertical dipole, a portable antenna that can be used for field day operations, sota, campings or even for fixed installations. This is a freestanding 20-10m antenna that is really easy to build, easy to tune and relatively easy to carry….

Caged Fan Dipole Antenna

Antennas/Fan DipoleThere are a large number of antenna designs for HF. One choice out of many is the fan dipole. The ability to transmit of multiple bands without needing a tuner (and even more with a tuner) is a very desirable factor in choosing a versitle antenna for HF….

James Pole Antenna

Manufacturers/Antennas/VHF UHF Microwave/Vertical AntennasHand-tuned, J-Pole Antennas. The James Pole Antenna is constructed of 1/2 inch Type M copper pipe, soldered together and capped on both vertical elements. Each Antenna is tuned for center frequency….

Duoband ultra portable yagi

Antennas/VHF UHFTape measurement yagi. The longest part is 530 mm, easy fit to your backpack. Very easy and fast deploy. Great for SOTA and portable operation. Can be used in horizontal or vertical polarization. Based on DK7ZB design…

Vertical Full Wavelength Loop

Antennas/LoopConsider installing a stealth vertical loop antenna if you live in a place with no antenna restrictions.
Full wave loop wire antennas allow you to be on the air without installing evidente external aerials….

2 element Yagi for 50 MHz

Antennas/6M/6 meter Yagi AntennasThis 6 meter 2 element yagi antenna is simple, compact and effective antenna for 50 Mhz. The design antenna was optimized with AO for best match to 50 ohms, no matching network. A choke balun is recommended to decouple feedline currents….

3 Element Beam for 50 MHz

Antennas/6M/6 meter Yagi Antennas A six meter band 3 element yagi beam antenna project with shortened elements using coax cables with the outer ends stripped and the center conductor shorted in somewhat of a Bazooka antenna….

Wire Antenna Design Lengths

Antennas/WireThe Classic Numbers for All Types of Wire Antennas at HF. Wire antennas need to be made a bit long and cut to resonance. They are affected by height above the ground and surrounding objects. In order to get an idea of the right place to start, certain formulas are generally…

How to straighten Microbore copper tube

Antennas/Homebrewing Techniques Article and video showing a technique to straighten Microbore copper pipe that is useful in antenna construction. This technique has been implemented to build a Quadrifiliar Helix antenna. [su_button url=”https://www.dxzone.com/dx32991/how-to-straighten-microbore-copper-tube.html”]For the full article[/su_button]

Yagi Antenna for 23cm ATV reception

Antennas/VHF UHF A home made 23 elements yagi antenna for the 23cm band made on alluminium boom with floating element mounted on a plastic isolators. Includes a table with elements distances and lenght [su_button url=”https://www.dxzone.com/dx32988/yagi-antenna-for-23cm-atv-reception.html”]Full Original Article[/su_button]


A recent article on the popular Hack-a-day website showed readers how to build a very simple ADS-B ‘Cantenna’ to use with their SDR USB dongle radio [su_button url=”http://www.southgatearc.org/news/2018/february/recyclo-cantenna.htm”]Full Original Article[/su_button]