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    My local library ‘temporarily closed’ a few years back. This phrase was used as the library was supposed to move to our community centre, this never happened, they bulldozed the old building and since then it’s been ‘temporarily closed’.

    Whilst it was a small library you could request books from the main library which made it appear to be part of the a greater book depository as it was.

    Looking for some light reading in Amateur Radio I found that most of the books were from the 60’s and that they were in the reference section and not available to lend. In fact there are only two ARRL books in Birmingham’s Libraries both not available to lend. The RSGB fares even worse with one book from 2012 stocked, again not available to lend.

    Whilst I know the Library has to buy the books to stock, maybe the RSGB could donated a few sets of books before our hobby is consigned to complete oblivion, book wise.

    Has anyone else found no books in the Library or is it just Birmingham?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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