DX Calendar

Look out for these Dxpeditions and Special Event stations.

until 06/01 4X0M: special callsign
until 06/01 S511PMC: special event station
until 07/01 JI3DST/6, JS6RRR/6, JL3YWN/6: Tanega Island (AS-032)
until 08/01 RA19NY, RC19NY, RK19NY: special callsigns
until 08/01 RM19NY, RO19NY, RT19NY: special callsigns
until 08/01 RU19NY, RW19NY, RZ19NY: special callsigns
until 08/01 YJ0AFU: Vanuatu (OC-035)
until 10/01 HS0ZLS: Thailand
until 14/01 GB50WAB: special callsign (Northern Ireland)
until 14/01 PJ2/SM4KYN: Curacao (SA-099)
until 14/01 VI25AJI: special event station
until 19/01 HI6/DK1FY/p: Dominican Republic (NA-096)
until 24/01 GB0HNY, GB0HNY, GB1HNY: special callsigns (England)
until 24/01 GB2HNY, GB4HNY, GB5HNY: special callsigns (England)
until 24/01 GB6HNY, GB8HNY, GB9HNY: special callsigns (England)
until 28/01 GB2KW: special event station (Scotland)
until 31/01 5R8IC: Sainte-Marie Island (AF-090), Madagascar
until 31/01 GB9WAB: special callsign (England)
until 02/02 J68GD: St Lucia (NA-108)
until 10/02 FK/F6OBD: New Caledonia
until 14/02 WA5LFD/p: North Padre Island (NA-092)
until 15/02 9M2MRS: Penang Island (AS-015), West Malaysia
until 09/03 C5YK: The Gambia
until 16/03 TR8CR: Gabon
until 31/03 GB100RAF: special callsign
until March RI1ANL: Novolazarevskaya Station, Antarctica
until March RI1ANW: Novolazarevskaya Station, Antarctica
until March VK0AI: Macquarie Island (AN-005)
until 01/04 4S7KKG: Sri Lanka (AS-003)
until 30/06 DF13BLN, DF13BUD, DF13DEJU: special callsigns
until 30/06 DF13MUC, DF13PAR, DF13STO: special callsigns
until June Z81D: South Sudan
until 15/08 H31A: special callsign (Panama)
until 23/10 4U73B: special callsign (Italy)
until October VK0HZ: Davis Station, Antarctica (AN-016)
until October ZL5A: Scott Base, Ross Island (AN-011), Antarctica
until 31/12 Canadian National Parks On The Air (CNPOTA)
until 31/12 DL70BRD: special callsign
until 31/12 DM70GER: special callsign
until 31/12 DQ1200ASP: special callsign
until 31/12 HB90 and HB30: special prefixes (Switzerland)
until 31/12 SF50CG: special callsign
05/01-06/01 GB8KW: special event station (England)
05/01-12/01 5K6RM: special event station
05/01-02/02 S79AA: Mahe (AF-024), Seychelles
08/01-20/01 V47UR: St. Kitts (NA-104)
09/01-21/01 9LY1JM: Banana Island (AF-037), Sierra Leone
10/01-17/01 AU2HAM: Sagar Island (AS-153)
12/01-20/01 ZF2PG: Cayman Islands (NA-016)
13/01-25/01 HC8GET: Galapagos Islands (SA-004)
13/01-31/01 H33J: Panama
14/01-13/03 FG/F6ITD and TO7D: Guadeloupe (NA-102)
15/01-28/02 KL7RST and N1RAC/KL7: Alaska
15/01-28/02 OX7RST: Greenland
15/01-28/02 VY1RST, VE8RST, VY0RST: Canada
17/01-20/01 ZL7/JA0JHQ: Chatham Islands (OC-038)
18/01-20/01 ZY6C: Itaparica Island (SA-023)
18/01-14/02 9X2AW: Rwanda
21/01-31/01 IG9/S50X, IG9/S52P, IG9/S54W: Lampedusa Isl (AF-019)
21/01-31/01 IG9/S56DX, IG9/S57DX, IG9/S59A: Lampedusa Isl (AF-019)
24/01-31/01 IH9/LZ1UQ and IH9/LZ1PM: Pantelleria Island (AF-018)
31/01-05/02 P29VCX: Manus Island (OC-025)
31/01-06/02 V31JZ/p: South Water Caye (NA-180)
January DP1POL: Neumayer III Station, Antarctica (AN-016)
January E51DWC: Rarotonga (OC-013), South Cook Islands
January II4CAL: special callsign
January LZ1354PM: special callsign
January RI1ANV: Vostok Station, Antarctica (AN-016)
January V51KM (Namibia) and A25KM (Botswana)
06/02-11/02 P29NI: Daru Island (OC-153)
06/02-18/02 V84SAA: Brunei (OC-088)
11/02-26/02 XX9D: Coloane (AS-075), Macau
16/02-05/03 T31EU: Kanton Island, Central Kiribati (OC-043)
22/02-07/03 TT8RR and TT8XX: Chad
February DP1POL: Neumayer III Sta tion, Antarctica (AN-016)
February II4RGH: special callsign
February LZ391MW: special callsign
February RI1ANV: Vostok Station, Antarctica (AN-016)
14/03/26/03 5V7EI: Togo
March II4MRC: special callsign
March LZ818PT: special callsign
14/04-20/04 J20DX/p: AF-059 and AF-053
April II4SLR: special callsign
April LZ117ML: special callsign
10/05-13/05 KL: Yakutat County Group (NA-250) * by K9AJ and KD6WW
May II4TSB: special callsign
May LZ497OM: special callsign
June II4ART: special callsign
June LZ815NI: special callsign
July II4MJR: special callsign
July LZ1809PNS: special callsign
August II4BRD: special callsign
August LZ304AE: special callsign
20/09-06/10 5X0T and 5X0X: Uganda
September II4GRM: special callsign
September LZ304EW: special callsign
01/10-15/10 ZK3X: Tokelau Islands (OC-048)
October II4MNU: special callsign
October LZ311HI: special callsign
October VP6: Pitcairn Island (OC-044)
November II4VAL: special callsign
November LZ365BM: special callsign
December II4TIB: special callsign
December LZ4408SPA: special callsign
TBA 3Y0I: Bouvet Island

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