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Video: Flex 6300 vs. RSPduo

In this corner…weighing in at $265 – the (insert dramatic reverb) RSPduo from SDR Play (end reverb!). With all the ingredients on hand I couldn’t resist pitting David against Goliath. For the few weeks I’ve had the RSPduo, I’ve used it mostly to copy FT8 on various HF bands and…

Convention SDR lecture now online

The RSGB has released another 2017 Convention presentation into its video portal. In his presentation SDR—The Station of the Future, John Linford, G3WGV looks at what software-defined radio offers us as radio amateurs and what our stations might look like in a few years’ time. SDR is as much a disruptive technology as were the […]

New TX Factor Show Available

In this early summer episode we look at programming your DMR handie and running a SharkRF openSPOT digital radio IP gateway. We review the new Icom IC-7610 transceiver, and Mike visits Bob’s shack in Cornwall to learn more about operating through linear satellites. [su_button url=””]Watch TX Factor[/su_button]

New Moxon video. Trying to improve my channel

Hello, from HL1ZIX / KE0EYJ in Korea. I’m working on improving my YT channel. Here is a moxon video I made, this past week. [su_button url=””]Read the Original Article[/su_button]

Hamvention 2018 live stream

W5KUB will once again be webcasting for the 17th year the Hamvention Marathon Webcast. It will be over 40 hours of live streaming of our yearly event. There are many people who can not attend hamvention due to health, finances, work, and age. Our motto is “Bringing ham radio to you”.