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Power Supplies Explained

By Paul Lee, G3ZKO A power supply is something that is often overlooked by radio amateurs, as for many it is simply the box, that at the flick of a switch, provides stable DC voltage. A modern power supply is though much more, combining theory that dates back to the nineteenth century incorporating the latest […]

Roy Smith, G3MPB, 9 September 2018

Roy Smith, G3MPB was born in 1913 and passed away on the 9th of September 2018. Despite operating from a postage stamp suburban garden and only using 100W to a multiband vertical with single 4ft ground rod, Roy achieved the DXCC Honor Roll with 358 DXCCs to his credit. He had participated in every Commonwealth […]

The 3 X 5 card

I don’t participate in the “Just Talking” forum. However, this was just too “funny” not to post somewhere. My eldest daughter’s husband just started teaching biology and chemistry at a junior college in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. He gave his first test on Friday. As an aid for this first test, he told…