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Amateur ham radio CW Morse code practice and QTH locator apps for Android

I have several Android apps that may be of interest to amateur ham radio QRO/QRP and repeater operators. They are available on Google Play and Amazon Appstore, and include CW Morse code trainers and practice key oscillators, a DTMF tone generator keypad (official DTMF pad of RFinder Android Radio [su_button url=””]Read the Original Article[/su_button]

Raspberry-Pi DVB transmitter: The benefits of open-source hardware

I was first alerted to the benefits of open-source some years ago while talking to a couple of very experienced engineers. These guys, who worked for a multi-billion-dollar company with a global footprint, had been asked by their manager to complete a project in a ridiculously short time frame [su_button url=””]Full Original Article[/su_button]

Blue VNA Android App

Software/Android Blue VNA Android only application to control Bluetooth enabled Antenna analyzers or VNAs (Vector Network Analyzers). Supported devices are the miniVNA, the miniVNA Pro Antenna Analyzers (with or without the matching Extender) and the new miniVNA Tiny [su_button url=””]Full Original Article[/su_button]

SDRplay – SDRuno

Software/Software Defined Radio SDR software for SDRPlay RSP1, RSP1A, RSP2, RSP2PRO. SDRuno is an advanced Software Defined Radio Application platform which is optimized for use with SDRplay’s range of Radio Spectrum Processors [su_button url=””]Full Original Article[/su_button]

FoxTelem Version 1.06 software released

Chris, G0KLA, has released version 1.06 of FoxTelem on January 27. This release addresses several defects and instabilities in FoxTelem version 1.05 and earlier [su_button url=””]Full Original Article[/su_button]

JTDX Software

Software/Multimode JTDX is a multimode software for amateur radio. Means JT & T modes for DXing, it is being developed with main focus on the sensitivity and decoding efficiency, both, in overcrowded and half empty HF band conditions. Support JT9, JT65, T10 and FT8 is released under GNU licence, by UA3DJY and ES1JA. Run under…


Software/Multimode MSHV is a free windows and linux multimode software that support weak signal digital modes like MSK144 JTMS FSK441 FSK315 ISCAT JT6M FT8 JT65 PI4 amateur radio modes. [su_button url=””]Original Article[/su_button]