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SDRplay’s new Spectrum Analyzer program with Elecraft KX2 on 80m

Steve Andrew recently completed work on a spectrum analyzer program intended for use on SDRplay’s receivers. The program is well thought out and will be a useful tool in many situations around the shack. Spectrum analyzers are complex instruments than can provide a visual indication of the device under test – but a visual indication may not be the correct indication if the values being testedĀ  For the full article

“Buried” Coax

I’ll be installing a Hygain AV-640 in the next 2 days and it will be in the backyard about 50 ft behind the
house. I was just going to dig a shallow trench and put it in there. However, I was wondering if it is OK to bury coax underground

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A 1-rig solution

400 watts at home; 20 watts portable I received my new transceiver in the mail today, only two days after ordering it. My hopes are that it will be a one-box replacement for the FT-891, KX2 and maybe even my Flex 6300. The radio is a SunSDR2Pro from Russia (via Seattle for US buyers) and, with various discounts, it was significantly less than the listed price. What few reviews there areĀ  For the full article

Video: Flex 6300 vs. RSPduo

In this corner…weighing in at $265 – the (insert dramatic reverb) RSPduo from SDR Play (end reverb!). With all the ingredients on hand I couldn’t resist pitting David against Goliath. For the few weeks I’ve had the RSPduo, I’ve used it mostly to copy FT8 on various HF bands and 6 meters. I had more in mind for it when I bought it but its performance is such that it’s just too cool to let it For the full article

The Phoenix 4m Dipole

This 4m dipole was designed as a club project for the Phoenix Radio Club to use with a bulk purchase of 4m converted “PMR” radios. No claim is made as to the originality of the basic design- a dipole is a dipole- although the design has been engineered for easy assembly and to give repeatable results. Read the Original Article

Is the Yaesu FT818 just a stop-gap?

Recently Yaesu introduced the successor to the hugely successful FT817. Like many, I was seriously underwhelmed: this was a huge disappointment. One could be forgiven for thinking this was more about Yaesu dealing with component obsolescence than meeting market needs. For the full article