News from the owner

Hi Guys,

I’ve had to make a decision about the future of the site.

In past years, I asked people to dip into their pockets and send us the price of a coffee, a Euro or a Pound. Each year, nothing what so ever came in to help pay for the hosting and the reliance to keep the website going comes down to google’s adverts and my limited funds. Google has spit out £60 in total in the past 4 years and the rest of our £300 hosting costs came out of my pocket. £300 may sound like a lot but the site is never down and it worked, you pay for what you gt at the end of the day.

Whilst I know I number of people have moaned that the website just having ‘Second-Hand News’ on it, we do have a number of guys that put over the occasional piece of news, plus the regular weekly contributors and it’s always been about making sure all the decent news as always been in one place, with of course the kudos of who reported it first going to that website be it the RSGB, ARRL or other news decimating website. I personally spend a couple of hours a day put the decent stuff up and deleting the irrelevant, collating events in the UK and keeping the listings of DX stations up to date.

It is a labour of love, updated everyday, Bank Holidays, Christmas and whilst on holiday. I have never wanted the site to stagnate or close for holidays. It’s not many sites that can boast of being updated from a number of Norwegian ports and from a ship in the Barent Sea or from the side of the Mediterranean Sea in Turkey.

I have missed lifts, Es and chatting to my mates down the road, constructional projects have never been completed or started for that matter, I have also missed being with family and enjoying holidays. The website has become my Amateur Radio hobby not the Amateur Radio that I have loved and been involved in for over 40 years. I would like to operate more, make some equipment and go on holiday without a laptop and just a camera instead or go to an event and enjoy it with Janey and not to say, I’v got to get back to update the site.

Readership has gone down and spending a couple of hours a night updating for sometimes as little as 11 visitors a day really doesn’t make sense to me any longer.

So, moving forward, the website will disappear at the end of July. The 7,000+ posts will be available until then, but there will be no further updates made.

So, it’s goodbye folk, 73, 88, see you on the bands. Thanks for the support over the years both for the original site and this 2.0 version.

Chris Moore