Amateur Radio Selling and Buying

If you are a enthusiast that makes items to sell we have the place for you to show case your wares.

Our ‘Online Hamfest’, our Classified Ads service, has a forum titled Ham Made Gear For Sale

So if you make aerials, keys, spreaders, masts, QSL cards or offer a design service please register for the site and showcase what you sell, Ham Made Gear For Sale is free to use and is of course open to the whole world of Amateur Radio. (SME and Individuals only).

If you are having a shack clear out, selling your gear to buy newer or better, Amateur Radio Gear For Sale is for you.

Want something to complete your shack line-up?  Amateur Radio Gear Wanted is the place for you.

With the exception of Ham Made Gear For Sale, these services are for non commercial use only and are free to members.


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