Space Station Commemorative Slow-Scan TV Transmissions Prove Extremely Popular

Thousands of slow-scan television (SSTV) enthusiasts around the globe enthusiastically tracked the International Space Station (ISS) to download commemorative SSTV images transmitted as part of the ARISS-Russia Cosmonautics Day (International Day of Human Space Flight) celebration on April 11 – 15. Another ARISS-Russia SSTV event is planned for May. As of mid-week, upward of 9,000 images relating to the 40th anniversary of the Interkosmos Project period of the Soviet space program were posted for viewing. The SSTV images, stored on a computer in the ISS Russian segment, were transmitted by RS0ISS on 145.800 MHz using PD-120 SSTV protocol, using a Kenwood TM-D710E transceiver.

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