As I have had an antenna free, I have been on 10m WSPR TX in the last few days with some success. Today is no exception. Yet again I am on 10m WSPR TX (500mW, 100%, randomised frequencies).

Most, if not all, spots seem to have been Es. Activity levels seem lower than previous years on WSPR. Perhaps more are using 10m FT8?

UPDATE 1030z: Just a single SWL spot from Italy earlier so far. For the full article

FT8 versus JT65

In the last few months the usage of FT8 is phenomenal. It uses about a third the bandwidth (about 50Hz) of JT65 and a much shorter TX period. In many ways it is an ideal QRP mode, especially in Es conditions.

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QST Honored with E.T. Krenkel Medal for Outstanding Global Contributions to Amateur Radio

The Russian National Academy of Researches and Discoveries has honored QST with an E.T. Krenkel Medal for “outstanding global contributions to Amateur Radio.”

The award’s namesake, Ernst Teodorovich Krenkel, was a radio amateur who, over the years, used the call signs RAEM, U3AA, and UA3AA. Born in Poland, Krenkel was an Arctic explorer who took part in the first Soviet “drifting station,” North…

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Two satellites launched on lunar mission

A formation of two satellites was launched on Monday on a lunar orbit mission. The 47kg microsatellites each carry two SDR VHF/UHF transceivers to provide command, telemetry, image transmission and a GMSK-JT4 repeater. The project is led by Harbin Institute of Technology and has low frequency radio astronomy, amateur radio and educational goals. More information […]  Read the Original Article

Marconi’s Elettra on the air

Marconi’s floating laboratory Elettra will be put on the air next weekend as part of the Museum Ships Weekend. Using the call sign II4AMP and sponsored by the Guglielmo Marconi Foundation, this is the sixth time the yacht has been activated in this way. For more information on Museum Ships Weekend visit nj2bb.org.  Read the Original Article


I recently joined an astronomy group (I have a vague idea where the moon is) and was considering doing a presentation about man-made satellites and actually have club members work someone through a satellite during a star party.  I’d work up a powerpoint for one meeting (advertised in advance), and at the next monthly
star party do the participating hands- and voice-on demo.

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Opt-in to GB2RS emails

If you receive the GB2RS weekly email you will have seen that you need to opt-in to keep receiving it in future. This is so that the RSGB complies with the new General Data Protection Act. The RSGB is delighted that a large number of people have done so already and they will receive the […]  Read the Original Article

Recondition the appearance of a radio?

My trusty FT857 has spent the past 9 years in my truck. After scraping off some Junior Mints, petrified boogers and cigar ashes, I can see that it might look pretty good again after some clean-up. (No big scratches or dings.) Does anyone know what is used by the folks that sell “refurbished” electronic devices to get them looking so good?

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NRC D-Star repeater back again

GB7BP, the D-Star repeater in the RSGB National Radio Centre at Bletchley Park, has recently come back on the air. It had been inactive due to equipment problems. Many local amateurs have already used the repeater since it was reactivated and every one is invited to listen in. By logging into RSGB Membership Services members […]  Read the Original Article

Elecraft’s K2 in a KX2’s world

With next week’s temperatures predicted to be 100+ (40’s C) for several days, and summer only beginning, I’ve been trying to justify the purchase and build of an Elecraft K2 that will keep me indoors in my near-fanatical appreciation of the magic of freon. The problem is, I already have a KX2; therefore, the justification requires a careful comparison. Both rigs have so many of the same  For the full article

LHS Episode #227: Hamvention 2018 Update 1

Welcome to the first day wrap-up of Hamvention 2018. We talk about the show, our experience and give you a look forward to Saturday’s update. Thanks for listening and please check social media for information on when we’ll being live streams from the show.

73 de The LHS Crew

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