Caribbean Situation Critical, Clear Frequencies Essential

The Caribbean Emergency and Weather Net (CEWN) again is requesting that radio amateurs not involved in the ongoing post-hurricane relief and recovery efforts via Amateur Radio to avoid operating on or near the net’s frequencies — 7.188 and 3.815 MHz. The net is handling critical traffic, primarily for Dominica and needs interference-free channels.

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Colombian Radio Amateurs Asked to Assist in Reconnecting Family Members in Caribbean

The Colombia Amateur Radio League (LCRA) is asking the Amateur Radio community there to activate the national emergency network to support those seeking information about relatives in the Caribbean islands affected by the recent hurricanes.

To start, the frequencies 7.117 MHz for SSB and 7.085 MHz for digital modes as well as EchoLink COL_LCRA conference and the national VHF repeater system hav…

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IARU Region 1 Conference closes in Germany

IARU Conference 2017 Low Res 002


The 24th General Conference of IARU Region 1 closed on Thursday 21st September 2017.

Durign the five day conference held near Munich and hosted by the Deutscher Amateur-Radio-Club (DARC), a wide range of issues facing Amateur Radio were discussed.

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Foundations of Amateur Radio Episode 120 – Tropospheric Ducting Explained

You’ve always been taught that VHF communications are line of sight and that the height of your antenna determines how far your 2m communication might go. So if I tell you that last week I spoke with a station that was 300 kilometres away on the 2m band you might be forgiven in thinking that I had managed to climb up most of the side of Mount Everest to around 7 kilometres so I could make my line-of-sight communications 300 kilometres away.
This week we find out how that works using a phenomenon called “Tropospheric Ducting”.
Foundations of Amateur Radio is a weekly podcast about the wonderful hobby of Amateur or Ham radio. You can catch it on-air, on-line or on-demand. Check out iTunes by searching for my callsign VK6FLAB for your personal copy, or visit the website at

NewsWest for Sunday, 24th September 2017 – Get On AIR and Make Some Noise

In the news this week it’s our GET ON AIR AND MAKE SOME NOISE edition and if that’s not enough, it’s packed full of reminders and news from around the traps – along with our normal segments
Next week CLUB FOCUS week, so let us know what your club is up to. Send your story, or better still, a recording of your story, to and we’ll put it to air next week.
Contributions to the news this week are made by Ty VK6HTY, Bob VK6POP, Andrew VK6AS and Onno VK6FLAB. NewsWest is produced and presented by WA Amateur Radio News on behalf of Radio Amateurs in Western Australia and beyond.
Check-out the website, listen to the podcast, or listen to your local repeater. Please let us know what you think of the news and share your thoughts and contributions via email, is the way to get in touch.
Producer: Glynn VK6PAW

Taveling With Your Ham Gear – Everything Ham Radio Podcast #87

In this episode of the everything ham radio podcast we talk with Vance Martin, N3VEM, about how he travels with his ham radio gear and how he operates with it while he travels.

We talk about things that he does to get ready for a trip, things to do while you’re at the airport, or renting a car or staying in a hotel room.

I’m sure if you are like me you don’t like sitting in a hotel room after a long day working or doing things in just staring at a TV or blank walls. Why not bring your…

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Book for RSGB Convention Buildathon

Over the last few years the RSGB Convention has included a Buildathon, where attendees build a kit with help from mentors from the Bath Buildathon Crew. This year the kit will be an Arduino-based Morse tutor supplied by Kanga UK. The tutor is ideal for those learning Morse code or looking to improve their receive […] Original Article

Amateur Radio Reports: Arecibo Observatory Dish Sustained Serious Damage from Maria

Articles on the National Geographic and websites report that scientists and Amateur Radio operators have confirmed that Puerto Rico’s Arecibo Observatory came through Hurricane Maria largely intact but “with some significant damage.” Universities Space Research Association (USRA), which helps to operate the Observatory, said it learned via “short wave radio contact” that staff and fam…

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4m NoV procedure streamlined

The RSGB is pleased to announce that a more streamlined process is now available for digital experiments in the 70.5-71.5MHz range. Amateurs who successfully apply via the Ofcom Special Research Permit process are now able to confirm their details and download their Notice of Variation from the RSGB website in a similar manner to the […] Original Article

Working BA’s (and a MITS Altair) at local hamfest

I was at a small hamfest yesterday, and there were a LOT of boatanchors there. What put me off is that it seemed as if the sellers had fixed them up so they could charge ebay level prices for them. To me, buying a dead BA and then having it come back to life after a personal repair is where the fun is. Yes, a turnkey BA is worth more, but what fun is that? It seems to me as if many older hams are gradually selling off the rigs in their closets. So guys, just wipe off the dust and haul it…

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