IP1T Tino Island. From DXNews.com

Members of ARI La Spezia will be active as IP1T from Tino Island, IOTA EU-083, in RSGB IOTA Contest, 28 – 29 July 2018.
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LHS Episode #222: The Weekender VIII

Welcome to the latest Weekender edition of Linux in the Ham Shack! It’s a wonderful weekend in the neighborhood, ours and hopefully yours. In this episode, we bring you the regular assortment of amateur radio contests and special events coming up, some Open Source conferences to attend, some fun challenges, an interesting Linux distribution with a different idea of filesystem management, wine, whiskey and snacks. What could be better? Thanks so much for listening!

73 de The LHS Crew

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HRN 387: The YL Show, Live from Orlando

The call signs are: WA4YL, AC4YL and AG4YL. So what do you think this show might be about? Dawn, Cathrine and Melanie had just given the YL Forum at Orlando, and Gary invited them to keep going on the show.


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IARU Region 3 Conference documents available

The 17th IARU Region 3 Conference takes place in Seoul, Korea, September 10-14. The agenda and some discussion documents are now available for download
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QSO Today – Mike Mussler – AI8Z

Mike Mussler, AI8Z, is one of the early pioneers in the 630 Meter band experimental trials in 2007 that resulted in the band being opened for amateur radio exploration much later
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RAC President attends annual ARRL Board meeting: July 21-22

The annual Board of Directors meeting of the American Radio Relay League (ARRL), is underway in Windsor, Connecticut and will conclude today, Sunday, July 22
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Scotland site selected as launch base for Lockheed Martin, Orbex

Two companies — U.S. aerospace giant Lockheed Martin and British start-up Orbex — seeking to carve out a share of the burgeoning small satellite launch market, plan to fly their rockets from a remote site on the northern shore of Scotland, British government and industry officials announced Monday
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Thailand 3rd largest ham radio nation

As of February 2018, Thailand had the third highest number of licensed radio amateurs in the world with a total of 101,763
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MD7C Isle of Man. From DXNews.com

Rich, M5RIC will be active from Isle of Man, IOTA EU-116, in RSGB IOTA Contest, 28 – 29 July 2018, as MD7C.
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LHS Episode #237: The Weekender XIII

Welcome to the weekend! In this episode of Linux in the Ham Shack, your hosts discuss good food, good fun, good friends and some wonderful things to do and try on the next couple of weekends. Thank you so much for tuning in and we hope you’re enjoying our show. Please leave us feedback and tell us how we’re doing.

Cheers and 73 de The LHS Crew

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HRN 388: Florida Spectrum Management, Live from Orlando

The full title is Florida Amateur Spectrum Management Assn., or FASM.

Last year, Bryan Fields W9CR led a coalition of dissatisfied repeater owners and members of the Florida Repeater Council in a successful effort to take control of that organization. There was some conflict, but eventually Bryan’s group prevailed. The changed the name and re-incorporated. Now they have to make good on their pledge to provide better coordination service. Bryan explains how.

Radio Rating: A.

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